YourYoga - especially for you

Yoga is an amazing system which includes asanas (physical excercises), pranayama (breathing excercises) and relaxing excercises. Due to your needs we will combine these elements or focus on priorities.


Yoga can help to balance your endocrine system. Yoga can be a support to women wishing to become pregnant and can assist you in the climacteric periode for example.

Yoga can be a great support during pregnancy.


Yoga works. It is an integral and holistic system. You will feel the difference in your body, mind and spirit.

Find your balance with Yoga!


Yoga assists in ...

||| chronic complaint

||| headaches and backache

||| tension

||| imbalance

||| inner unrest

||| troubled sleep

||| Stress

||| Burnout

With Yoga you will gain ...

||| more energy

||| serenity

||| reduction of some kinds of pain

||| flexibility

||| new vital energy

||| simple: more quality of living!


During the treatment I will focus on you and your holistic well-being. The practice will be individually amended up to your needs, injuries and your health condition.


Ayurveda knowledge and some flows of energy can be added in case you like.


Get in touch and be amazed, discover YourYoga and your benefit!

I am looking forward to seeing you.