YourYoga for your employees

Time is running faster and faster, we have more pressure - are always on the run. Stress accomplies us everyday.


Most of these illnessess are caused by stress - physically and mentally deseases.

Your employees are getting ill and are not able to work - caused by stress related illnesses. Cardiovascular deseases are increasing like headache, backache, tension.


With YourYoga for business you can work against these signs effectively and create a balance for your employees. Business Yoga will reduce the days of illness, absences and lost time - your employees will be more balanced.


Business-Yoga ...

||| helps to deal with stress

||| encreases efficiency

||| assists in being more focused

||| improves teamwork

||| strengthens your immune system

||| gives more vital energy

Business-Yoga options ...

||| Yoga before work

||| Lunch Yoga

||| Yoga after work

||| Yoga event


Effective management includes a high level of power of concentration, flexibility, capacity and decision-making ability. With Yoga you will find your balance to be ready for the duties and tasks of your life - to be able to find the right solution also in challenging situations.


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