Welcome to YourYoga!

As an advanced and certified Yoga Teacher with several years of practice I want to invite you to get in touch with the fantastic world of Yoga. Join me and be amazed how Yoga works!


... completed by Ayurveda

My specific method is the blend of different techniques including elements of Ayurveda and engergy excercices. This combination enables to develop an individual treatment approach.


My offer to you

||| increase your well-being

||| stress management

||| a better body awareness 

||| serenity 

||| more of vital energy

What I want to share with you

||| a great treasure truve of experience
||| a lot of valuable tools
||| practical tips and field guide
||| easily used in your everyday life
||| to encrease your quality of living


I am looking forward to discovering your specific way and the benefit for you.


Yours sincerely

Romana Rosen